The $500.00 deposit you have paid is fully refundable until your invoice expires with the due date noted on your Tax Invoice/Contract. No refunds are issued once the first payment of 30% has been received as your materials are ordered straight away upon receipt of payment.

By paying your first payment of 30%, you acknowledge that you accept these terms.During the floor plan drafting stage, we are happy to make unlimited changes to your floor plan until you are happy with the final design. Once you approve your floor plan in writing, any plan variation in the future will incur a $495.00 builders variation fee.


All materials used will be suitable for purpose and new. No used or second hand products will ever be used on your portable building. We will to the best of our knowledge, comply with all relevant laws and legal requirements. All work will be carried out to all plans and engineered specifications as signed off by you, the customer. We provide a 25 Year Rust Free Guarantee and a 10 Year Structural Guarantee on all our buildings.

Site Preparation:

The customer is responsible for ensuring site preparation is satisfactory for the portable building to be delivered. This includes adequate foundations that are level for the building to be placed on. AJC Portables Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for buildings that have been installed in a location where the site has not been prepared correctly. AJC Portables Pty Ltd is responsible to supply the Portable Building only. Site preparation and foundations to support the building are not included.

Description of Works:

A description of works to be carried out by AJC Portables Pty Ltd is on your Tax Invoice/Contract. It is the responsibility of the client to verify that the information on your Tax Invoice/Contract is correct by signing the form & agreeing to all our terms & conditions. AJC Portables Pty Ltd prices are ex-factory and their responsibilities / liabilities cease once the building leaves their premises.

The customer will be provided with photos inside and out of their building prior to departure. It is recommended that the customer performs a full inspection of their building once completed before leaving the factory. All buildings are fully cleaned inside and out before leaving the factory.

We make every effort to ensure our product presents well to the best of our abilities.

Arrangements with Sales Representatives:

Any verbal arrangement’s you may have had with your Sales Representative that is not written on your Tax Invoice/Contract, must be brought to the attention of the Head Office prior to commencement of fabrication. If not, we cannot guarantee it


Please note that immense due diligence is taken to ensure the plumbing fixtures in your building are secured and tight. Given
that our buildings travel long distances on flat bed semi-trailers, a lot of vibration occurs. On some occasions, this can slowly
loosen the plumbing fixtures. The plumber you use to connect your building to an existing or new connection should ensure
all fixtures are tight and secure before commencing any works.

We also highly recommend your plumber perform a pressure test upon completion of connecting your building. AJC
Portables will not be held responsible if the above steps are not taken.

Completion of Building:

AJC Portables are not in a position to store your building for extended periods of time in either factory once it’s completed,
we simply do not have the space. Should you be unable to accept delivery in a timely manner, your building will be delivered
to a holding yard and stored at that location until you are ready to arrange delivery.

The cost involved transporting the building to the holding yard and a daily storage rate will be the customer’s responsibility.
You will be advised of these costs upfront should the situation arise. If any outstanding balance remains unpaid once your
building is completed, you will be charged a 1.5% interest fee accrued daily.


The transport company we use and recommend is Specialized Towing. Not only are they the best in the business for
transporting portable buildings due to their meticulous safe care handling of our products, they are also fully insured to
transport your building from our factory in Queanbeyan, NSW to your location. This comes included for free with your
quoted price.

For extra piece of mind to you the customer, Specialized Towing also offers a range of insurance packages for your buildings
transportation. Please discuss these options in more detail with Specialized Towing. In the unlikely event of any damage
being incurred during transport, please contact the Transport Company directly using the details already provided to you.
In some case, extras costs are applicable. For example – overnight long distance locations. We encourage you to liaise with
Specialized Towing to ensure you are happy with the quoted price.

AJC Portables and Specialized Towing have negotiated a special per kilometer rate for you the customer to ensure you know you are getting the best possible price and service for your portable building delivery.
The transport cost is between you and the Transport Company, no further involvement by AJC Portables Pty Ltd. All delivery
payments are to be made on or before the scheduled date for delivery unless alternate arrangements have been made with
Specialized Towing.

AJC Portables and Specialized Towing aim to ensure your buying experience from start to end is the best possible so please
raise any concerns you may have with the Administration from AJC Portables or Management from Specialized Towing in a
timely manner. All companies strive on providing excellent customer service.