As Standard, Our Buildings are Made From the Following Australian Materials:

  • 50mm BAL40 Rated Structural Insulated Wall and Roof Panels – Rated R2 for Warmth in Winter and Cool in Summer
  • Colorbond External Cladding or Vinyl Cladding (Included for FREE with our Premium or Luxury Range)
  • Super Strong Steel Skid Base (150UB22 for Buildings up to 8m Long and 200UB18 for Buildings 9m and Over)
  • 19mm Yellow Tongue Flooring
  • Aluminium Face Fit Windows and Doors
  • Quality 3mm Textured Vinyl Flooring
  • Polytech Kitchen Cupboards and Benchtops
  • All Quality Bathroom Products Supplied by Reece Plumbing Australia
  • LED Down Lights Fitted Throughout the Building
  • All Our Buildings are Manufactured in Australia using Australian materials and are Custom Made to Your Exact Specifications
  • Delivered Anywhere In Australia!

Step 1

The base of your AJC Portable Building is being constructed using high quality universal beams before being spray painted for rust protection

Step 2

Your Portable Building is assembled to your exact specification. Here we have the vinyl flooring being laid over 19mm yellow tongue sheets and custom designed C sectioned purlins

Step 3

Your insulated structural cool room panels are carefully installed to your exact requirements by our expert team

Step 4

All cool room panels are fitted and screwed off making the building structurally sound

Step 5

External cladding is fitted to the panels (Included for FREE with our Premium and Luxury Range)

Step 6

The Interior is finished and fitted out before its final clean in preparation for transport

Step 7

Your Portable Building is delivered to your site

Step 8

 Your Portable Building is complete and ready for use