AJC Portables has established a solid reputation as Australia’s leading quality residential and commercial portable building supplier.

We specialise in supplying Portable Offices, Granny Flats, Ablution Blocks and Accommodation Buildings to residents and industries along with the pick up and move market.

Our valued cliental base spans from the Canberra Airport, Australian Government Departments, Hansons Cement, the National Zoo and Aquarium, Ray White Australia, Audi Australia, John Deere Australia, Kuwait Embassy, Vinidex Solutions, Southern Trucking Centre, plus many more

Reputable companies choose AJC Portables because we’re the best in the business and we’re extremely proud of the product we produce.

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Many of our customers come to us wanting a portable building that they can ‘pick up and move’ whenever they want, either within their current location or to an entirely new site. The quality and durability of our product is what sets us apart from other portable building manufacturers. Engineered to be the best they can be and built by skilled tradesmen, an AJC Portable Building is a first-class structure that will last for decades.


With a friendly, dedicated sales team available to assist you from the very beginning, to working with you during your planning stage, right through to the delivery. AJC Portables has a quality product at an affordable price, while providing you with the best service in the business.


We are specialist providers to the mining, building, farming and agriculture sectors, along with owners of acreage properties. Our years of hands-on experience ensures a quality, value for money product making AJC Portables a sound investment.

Our philosophy is simple:

‘to provide our customers with the best quality portable buildings, at an affordable price with great service!’


Office Buildings and Portable Office for Sale in Sydney

Do you work from home and want to increase your office space? Do you operate a small start-up company and need portable offices in Sydney and the surrounding area? AJC Portables is here to help. We can construct a large variety of portable buildings in Sydney to meet your needs. Our structures are durable, safe, and offer all the amenities of permanent buildings at a fraction of the cost.

Our portable offices are perfect for businesses on the move. If you are in the construction business or own a travelling business in Sydney, then you must have one of our structures. You can take your office with you wherever you go, meaning you will always have easy access to the information and tools you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Our transportable buildings in Sydney are also an excellent choice for when you need emergency office space. Just build it, store it on your property, and then use it when the need arises. When you are looking for a portable office for sale in Sydney, place an order with AJC Portables. We are certain to have the right transportable office for you.

Fully Equipped Portable Offices in Sydney

When you purchase portable buildings in Sydney from AJC Portables, you can be confident that they will meet your needs. Our temporary structures come equipped with everything you need to have electricity and running water. We also insulate our buildings to help maximise energy efficiency. Our moveable workplaces are just like their permanent counterparts; only they are easy and convenient to relocate.

Additionally, we can also install air conditioners, kitchens, including a sink, range hood, oven and cupboards. You can also have bathrooms, including toilets, baths, and showers, glazed windows for further energy efficiency, and more. If it’s possible to install it in a traditional home or office, we can install it on one of our portable ones.

Our temporary office spaces are perfect for those working at home. By building an exterior office, you will better be able to separate your work life from your home life, even if you live where you work. Setting such boundaries will help you fully enjoy your free time, and if an emergency comes up, all you need to do is step outside and into your office. What could be more convenient?

An Alternative to Traditional Work Spaces

AJC Portables provides our clients with a great alternative to traditional office and work spaces. Are you a welder, woodworker, or another type of tradesperson? Are you a photographer in need of a dark room, or a painter who wants a dedicated studio space?

We have you covered. Our portable structures are the perfect solution for when you need more space but do not want to undergo the hassle of adding to your home. We can build and install any of our floor plans in about six weeks, minimising your wait time. If you do not like any of our template designs, then we can work with you to create a plan that suits you exactly.

AJC Portables has a portable office for sale in Sydney to suit your needs. Set up an appointment with one of our professional builders today and let us get started building your new transportable office space.